About me

  • Do you desire to visit the most exotic country in South East Asia?

  • Are you thirsty of the sun heat and soft sandy beach?

  • Do you feel the urge to experience the wild life in tropical jungle?

  • Or you just want to do a soul searching, cope a broken heart and making new friends with the friendly local?

Well, I must say that INDONESIA is your best choice!

So hello there,

Thia Tripnasari - Indonesian Female Traveler

Thia Tripnasari – Indonesian Female Traveler

I’m THIA and I’m your TRAVEL ADVISOR specialized for your visit in INDONESIA – in a local way!

Having been traveling inside and outside Indonesia for years, I happen to be in love for being in a new places where no one knows me.

I did a lot of trip on the road with my FAMILY during my childhood, so I guess that turned me into a travel addict.

I enjoy for being a SOLO traveler yet sometimes GROUPS travel with friends is also fun for me, then of course, COUPLE travel is an amazing experience.

My featured story about my passion for SOLO traveling is shared on Be My Travel Muse and I’m gladly finding out that I could inspire other female travelers all over the world who share the same passion.

So, if you also share the same passion and plan to get lost in astonishingly gorgeous INDONESIA but still have no idea where to start, what to do, how much it will cost you; just drop me a message here to get your most effective and honest tips, itinerary and budget plan.

And of course, if you already know what you want but you are “shy” or simply just too busy to deal with the local vendors, to negotiate and to manage your trip; don’t be shy to request me to assist you here.

I can assist you whether you are FAMILY, SOLO, COUPLE, GROUPS with any kind of budget you have.

In addition, you can communicate with me in Bahasa, English and French. I learn Italian but I think I’m still not good at it yet 😀

Countries that I have visited:

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