Travel Guide The Historical Krakatoa Volcano (Krakatau)

Ever heard about the deadliest volcanic eruption in the history? If so, you must have heard about Krakatoa, that locally we call Krakatau. According to the data, the volcanic eruption on 26 August 1883 had destroyed the caldera of Krakatau and then the day after it ruined 2/3 part of this volcano. The seismic activity still continuously occurred until February 1884.

This history is what attracts visitors to witness the Majestic Krakatau by hiking to the summit of Anak Krakatau volcano (Child of Krakatoa). Anak Krakatau itself was formed 40 years after the eruption.

1. Getting Here

Krakatau is located in Sunda strait, between Java and Sumatera. Getting there is actually quite an effort for my weekend escape standard. If you leave from Jakarta, the journey involves 3 hours by public bus to Merak harbour in Cilegon, 3 hours by ferry to Bakauheni Harbour in Lampung, an hour of road trip to Dermaga Canti and then another 3 hours of boat trip to Krakatau. So in total you will spend 10 hours for the journey excluding the waiting time for the bus and ferry.

2. Getting Around and Attractions

Travel Guide The Historical Krakatoa Volcano (Krakatau)

On the way to Krakatau from Pulau Sebesi

Most visitors will stay at home stay in Pulau Sebesi (Sebesi Island) during their trip. It is an hour by boat to reach Krakatau when the weather is nice.

  • Trekking

Travel Guide The Historical Krakatoa Volcano (Krakatau)

Anak Krakatau

Even if the main attraction is Krakatau, in order to have the breathtaking view of Krakatau you need to trek to the top of Anak Krakatau instead. This theory is similar like when you are in Paris, you can’t climb to the top of Eiffel Tower and expecting to enjoy the view of Paris with Eiffel Tower. So anyway, the trekking path is easy, in just less than a half hour I could reach the summit and start worshipping Krakatau.

Travel Guide The Historical Krakatoa Volcano (Krakatau)

The Majestic Krakatau view from Anak Krakatau


  • Snorkelling

Travel Guide The Historical Krakatoa Volcano (Krakatau)

Lagoon Cabe

There are two most visited spots for snorkelling in Krakatau area. One is Lagoon Cabe, which is located nearby Anak Krakatau and the other one is in Pulau Sebuku Besar. Unfortunately, you can’t expect to have a clear water and furthermore, plenty of corals in both spots are ruined and death. I suspect that they were destroyed by the selfish human-being wearing fin and stepping on the corals just for selfie. It’s a sad truth indeed. However, various types of fishes are still there. You can find many Dori underwater. I didn’t find Nemo during my trip but maybe when you’re lucky, you will find some. And by the way, during this trip, I managed to feel the Freedom Out of the Life Vest.

  • Exploring Inhabitant Islands

Travel Guide The Historical Krakatoa Volcano (Krakatau)

Clean Beach

Inhabitant islands that you can explore are Pulau Sebuku Kecil and Pulau Umang-umang. Both offer a nice corner for a beach lover like me. The closest island to the home stay is Pulau Umang-umang, which is only like 20 minutes by boat.

Travel Guide The Historical Krakatoa Volcano (Krakatau)

The View of Pulau Sebuku from Pulau Umang-umang

  • Sunrise Hunting

Travel Guide The Historical Krakatoa Volcano (Krakatau)

Pulau Sebesi

Staying at home stay in Pulau Sebesi may only give you two options of beers: Beer Bintang or Bali Hai Beer, but the good thing about staying here is that you can wake up to catch the sunrise. I did say that my favourite moment of everyday is sunset, but when a local show me the direction of the sunrise, I couldn’t resist challenging myself waking up early. I managed to catch the sunrise, even if it was a cloudy one, but well, at least I tried.

Travel Guide The Historical Krakatoa Volcano (Krakatau)

Cloudy Sunrise

3. Cautions

With a long journey and unsure hygienic level of the water in public toilet, I suggest you to bring a wet tissue so that you could feel safe and comfortable cleaning your private area after toilet. Other than that, please note that I did the trip in February, which is not the hottest month in Indonesia, and I still got a sun burn for not evenly applying the sun block cream.

In case you are also deciding to stay in Pulau Sebesi, you need to understand that there is no 24 hours electricity available. It is scheduled to be off at 6 am and back on at 6 pm. The low flow of water may occur when everyone is using the bathroom, so what I did was I directly took a shower as soon as I got back in Pulau Sebesi to avoid competition.

At last, the best deal I could say is to upgrade your ferry class to executive. That way, with additional payment of only IDR 15,000 directly on board, you can spend a nicer 3 hours laying your back on the sofa. Trust me, its worth the price.

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