Travel Guide A Weekend Escape Puncak – First Time Paragliding

Travel Guide Puncak Paragliding.

J is everything but boring. He always, like always, makes me try anything for the first time. I don’t know anymore how many times he has convinced me to do things that I thought I wouldn’t do, that also includes Paragliding. Right, my 30th birthday present from J, apart romantic dinner, is paragliding. I went crazy when he invited me to go for paragliding in Puncak, something that I never thought I would do. I was excited yet a bit scared of having accident (Yes, I could be dramatic sometimes).

The next thing I know, my colleague, Max, also joined our paragliding trip. Thanks to him that he could manage with his driver to drop and pick us up during this trip.

Puncak is a common weekend escape destination for those who live in Jakarta. Personally for me, it was the first time I went to Puncak. Most of the time I hesitated to go to Puncak due to the famous traffic jam and open-close road system. But that time was different, that time was special, that time was my birthday and my J unexpected present removed my hesitation completely.

1. Getting Here

I took the most popular way to go to Puncak, which is going with a private vehicle. As I mention earlier that Max helped to manage the transport with his driver. Alternatively, you can take a train to Bogor and then go towards Baranang Siang terminal where you can find L300 type cars to Puncak.

2. Getting Around & Attractions

I haven’t tried it but theoretically speaking after knowing how complicated it was to move from one spot to another spot during the open-close road system (only applied on weekend), I think it would be wise to use motorbike where you can do a flexible maneuver.

  • Paragliding

If we translate “Puncak” in English, it means “The Peak”, so the best thing to do when you are at the peak is flying, in this case paragliding. We went for paragliding with Indonesia Fly Paragliding with the starting point at KM 87 Raya Puncak. Considering that you can’t do paragliding alone if you don’t have a license, Indonesia Fly Paragliding offers a tandem paragliding package for those who don’t have a license.

Paragliding Preparation

While it was the first time of paragliding for Max and me, J has been doing for some times. The duration was short, around 5-7 minutes on the air, but that was an addictive experience for beginner like me and Max.

Tandem Paragliding in Puncak

  • Little Venice

After a short paragliding session, we went further to Little Venice. Little Venice is located inside a fancy villa estate and as its name; it’s a small Venice thematic park. Water passage, gondola, Venetian building and the bridge are set to complete the Venice’s ambient.

Little Venice Puncak

It is a popular weekend destination for family with kids and young people.

San Marco Campanile alike in Little Venice

  • De Ranch

Horse Track in De Ranch Puncak

The next day, before returning back to our busy life in Jakarta, we took a stop for lunch at De Ranch. Like Little Venice, De Ranch is also one of the popular destinations for family. It has a large space occupied by horse track for visitor who wants to ride a horse, a big rabbits’ hutch and man-made garden.

Man-made Mini Waterfall

3. Travel Tips & Cautions

Puncak is employing an open-close traffic system during weekend and long holiday season due to the road space limitation compare to the number of visitors.

During weekend, the open-close system applies in the morning and in the afternoon.

On Saturday at 09.00 – 10.30, the road is open only for one way Jakarta to Puncak so the vehicles from Puncak to Jakarta must look for an alternative road or wait until the road to re-open at 10:31. In the afternoon, at 15:00 – 17:00, only Puncak to Jakarta route is allowed to proceed.

While on Sunday, at 09.00 – 10.30, the road is open only for one way Jakarta to Puncak. Then at 15:00 – 18:00, the road is open for only Puncak to Jakarta.

Other than those schedules, the road is open both for ways.

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