Travel Guide A Weekend Escape in Bangka

“J’entends l’écho de nos rêves, de nos envies au-delà du jour jusqu’à la nuit. On s’entraîne et on court après quoi?

On se perd, on s’espère quelque part, on s’égare. Un jour au-delà, on se retrouvera.”

The year of 2018 is not an easy one for me, both professionally and personally. A lot of things going on, staying positive is not an easy task and being strong is the only option. I remember end of last year people were telling me how careless I was for accepting a difficult mission at work. But that’s just who I am, I don’t give in to the fear. I take what is in front of me as an opportunity for my growth, guess what? Growing could be a God damn painful indeed and the only thing to keep me grounded is by benefiting my weekend.

In the middle of that difficult mission, I just wanted to take a time out for a weekend escape. Bangka, less than an hour flight from Jakarta, is the best destination.

1. Getting Here

Bangka is less famous compare to Belitung, for me it is the best destination for being in serenity and silence. Even better, with only less an hour flight from Jakarta, I can have more time to explore some parts of the island.

2. Getting Around and Attractions

Few days prior to my arrival in Bangka, I contacted a motorbike rental to get the motorbike delivered to the airport. Yes, as I always do, I explore the island by motorbike. Effective, efficient, low cost and fun!

  • Sungailiat

The aim to visit Bangka is not to stay in the city, Pangkal Pinang, but instead to be on the white sandy beach, being at peace with only the sound of the wave and the whisper of the wind while reading my new book, also not to mention to just swim in that blue warm water without derangement.

Tikus Emas Beach, Sungailiat Bangka

Having done some small research, the closest virgin beaches from Pangkal Pinang are the ones in Sungailiat. There are some names of beach to visit, Parai Tenggiri beach, Tikus beach, Tikus Emas beach but my favourite is the private beach in Istana Pool Villa and Spa where there was literally nobody there.

Istana Pool Villa and Spa Private Beach

After spending the whole afternoon on the beach (also spending the sunset time with a bottle of beer), there is a great spot for dinner and hangout nearby named De Locomotief. De Locomotief is hosting numerous of restaurants with particular Chinese theme decoration.

De Locomotief Bangka

  • Kolong Biru

Kolong Biru is formerly a tin excavation site. Its location is quite isolated; I had a hard time to find it by only using GPS. Asking around to the locals is necessary and it is what it takes to be rewarded with a gorgeous scene.

Kolong Biru Bangka

  • Pangkal Pinang

Getting back to Pangkal Pinang before catching the flight back to Jakarta, there are some spots worth to take a look as a city explorer.

Golden bridge with an overlay of beach sand underneath, Chinese temples and taking a stroll in Botanical Garden Bangka are what I could recommend.

Golden Bridge Pangkal Pinang


Chinese Temple Pangkal Pinang


Botanical Garden Bangka

3. Travel Tips and Cautions

The road between Pangkal Pinang and Sungailiat is mostly good but there are some spots where it is sandy, rocky and slippery. Always be cautious when driving and control the speed as things could just go wrong.


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