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I am a full time worker. I describe my job as a challenging, specific, sometimes stressful yet rewarding job. In short, I am an Instrument Engineer in Oil and Gas domain. I work five days a week, eight hours a day, that makes forty hours a week of seriously designing floating production units, offshore platforms, gas processing facilities, onshore oil plants etc. Sounds genius? Well, I could talk a whole day about my job just because I love it!

Nevertheless, I can’t relate to a quote saying that when you find a job you love, you wouldn’t need a break from it. I love my job but I still need a break from it. Sometimes I get crazy when people telling me to do an overtime, even more on weekend. I always say no for an overtime on weekend anyway. Why? Because weekend is the only time that I could do whatever I want, that includes doing sport, cooking new recipes, learning language, party, working on my personal projects, blogging and sans-doute traveling.

First of all, let me introduce you to an interesting fact that one of the Indonesian working law is that Companies are obliged to give a paid-leave to their workers as minimum as 12 (twelve) days a year. Of course for the sake of business, most Companies will give the minimum, even if there are some whose generous enough to give 22 days of paid-leave (most of them are American companies). My current Company is Italian Company and I am given the minimum number of leave days per year. That’s not a lot, my former Italian boss understood very well that 12 leave days a year is not a lot, so that I was authorized by him to take an unpaid-leave for my big traveling project every year. Unfortunately, he is now assigned to another branch country of our Company and replaced by Indonesian boss, whom strictly warned me that from now on I would not be allowed to take unpaid-leave. Oh… how I miss my Italian boss.

Anyway, that kind of situation with Indonesian boss was also the situation on the first years of my professional carrier. That makes weekend is one of the most important time to cleanse my mind and soul from work.

Weekend escape is the term that I have been using for the last six years to describe my short trip during weekend. Practically, I start the trip on Friday evening or Saturday morning to leave somewhere relaxing and return on Sunday evening or Monday morning. This way, I would not need to sacrifice my super-mini-leave so that I could use that for a bigger trip.

Weekend Escape, Bali

Weekend Escape, Bali

I limit my destination of weekend escape to be just one or two attractions at once and with the transport duration from Jakarta for not more than 5 hours either its flight or road trip. When I flash-back a memory of my weekend escapes, most of the time I choose beaches because I love beach! Nusa Lembongan, Karimun JawaLombok, Gili, Penang, Thousand Islands are one of them. Singapore and Kuala Lumpur are also an opted cities destination for this escape.

Chinese New Year weekend escape, Singapore

Chinese New Year weekend escape, Singapore

Traveling this way is indeed a bit more costly because the flight tickets are more expensive during weekend than weekday, but that’s the price I’m willing to pay for feeding my soul. In order to make it seems not too expensive, I put a budget for a weekend escape as minimum once in two months in addition to my monthly weekend visit to Surabaya for seeing my parents.

Weekend Escape, Batu Caves - Kuala Lumpur

Weekend Escape, Batu Caves – Kuala Lumpur

As a scientific person, I can confirm that bellow graphic from Hostelworld really represents me. After returning from my weekend escape, I feel a better vibe inside me, I smile, I help colleagues, I work more efficiently with a fresh mind, I’m literally happier.

Source: Hostelworld

Source: Hostelworld

Conclusively, the message that I intend to deliver with my weekend escape philosophy is, its time to admit that when we say we can’t explore a new places, most of us would point our finger blaming our full-time job for not giving us enough leave, but the truth is, we don’t have enough strong mind and motivation to make time for traveling.

At last, let’s make a calculation, we have 52 weekends which are equivalent to 104 days, that we “prefer” to spend at the same place rather than going somewhere new. What a depressing life could it be.

Find your Weekend Escape destination idea in Indonesia here! 😉

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