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After the dramatic broke-up that led me to Penang for mending my broken-heart three years ago, I finally found the one who could make me be the best version of myself. His name is J.

J and I both share the same passion for travelling, discovering the world and never settle in only one place for our whole life. Starting from that, we create The Places I Want to Live In Project. The objective is very clear; we want to have as many options as possible for the places to live in. The methodology is first to list down the possible places to live in. I listed down mine and he did his. Then the question arose, how if there are another places in this world, other than those written on our list, that worth to live in?

So we set some milestones to achieve the objective of our project. Then we did one milestone, to explore some places in South East Asia and it was starting from Phuket.

It was actually not the first time that I visited Phuket but it was the first time that I organized the trip on my own. I did some researches to make the best of our 3 days stay and ended up to put us staying at Karon beach area.

Dragon of the Karon Beach

Phuket is fairly expensive for Thailand standard as the island is a popular tourist destination yet it is still affordable for our standard. As soon as we reached the hotel, we were amazed with what 10 euro per night room could be. It was a huge studio complete with kitchen, closet, big shower and cabana. Despite the fact that we stayed in noisy neighbourhood without soundproofed room, our stay in Paradise Inn was lovely. Lucky that we got the room at 4th floor, so the noise was not super loud and was still bearable.

So by proceeding below activities, we made our decision.

  • Islands Hopping

Phuket is the largest island in Thailand located in Andaman sea and is surrounded by another 32 smaller islands. As that was the first time for J to visit Phuket, we took a full-day tour by speed boat to Phi Phi island, Maya Bay and Khai island. The package already included snorkelling, entrance fee at Phi Phi, buffet-lunch and sightseeing at monkey beach. It generally costs 1,600 baht (42 euro).

During the tour, we were taken to observe the range of limestones. The range is quite similar with the one in Belitung, the difference is that in Belitung is range of granite stones instead of limestones. The water was as greenish as I recalled from six years ago but not as clear as I expected when we snorkelled. But still, we enjoyed dancing with the fishes as the strange feeling occurred on our skin. Yes, we felt like something stung us in the ocean. It was not bad and not causing any harm though.

Limestones and Maya Bay, Phi Phi island


Monkey Beach

  • Exploring Phuket by Motorbike

The very last day before we left to Bangkok, we rented a motorbike for 200 baht and exploring the island. First destination was the famous Big Buddha, that also can be seen from Karon beach, but well, let’s get closer to Buddha. The trail to go up there was very edgy, so edgy that we were worried that it would be worse on the way back down. After all, the great motorbike driver is always able to manage this kind of situation.

Big Buddha, Phuket

When we were there, the Big Buddha was under renovation but at least the stories of Buddha and His wisdoms were put on the posters for the visitors to understand briefly the peaceful thought of Buddha. And then, the cool thing about being uphill with the Buddha is that we could have the view of some part of the island.

Big Buddha View Point

After roughly trying to understand the wisdom of Buddha that is embraced nearly by 95% of the population in Thailand, we continued our religious journey to the largest temple in Phuket, Wat Chalong temple complex. The complex consists of some temples with the grand pagoda in the middle where we could point a Big Buddha from it.

Wat Chalong Temple


Grand Pagoda of Wat Chalong

So with this short religious tour, we found out one thing, it is disrespectful to use Buddha statue for decoration. This also applies to other forms of Buddha decoration, such as painting. Having Buddha statue and painting should only  be intended for religious purpose, which is to worship Buddha.

For lunch, we headed to Phuket town market. It was suddenly raining when we reached the market area. Wearing our nice red and blue rain coat, we walked through the market to find an interesting place to eat.  There were no street sellers open within our sight, so we aimed for a small warung, not too expensive. Our decision led us to Abdul’s roti shop. How I missed Indian food, I ordered beef curry with steam rice and J ordered pad thai. I was satisfied with the curry taste.

We continued our journey with full tummy driving toward Promthep cape. The ride was quite long with a very big rain to face in the middle of the trip. We took a chance to stop by in fruit street market to have our dessert while waiting for the rain to get subsided, we had mango!!

So full tummy, happy feeling (thanks to mango) and lighter rain, we restarted our journey to Promthep cape. Promthep cape is located at the very south part of Phuket where we can also spot the Buddha island from there. It was fortunate that it was raining actually. This spot is normally full of tourist doing selfies, blocking the sight and whatsoever, but that time, there were less visitors and still very nice landscape to capture even without the sun.

Promthep Cape


Cloudy Sky of Promthep

On the way back to our hotel, we made several stops, Karon view point and Kata beach. I just wanted to immortalize the view from Karon view point where we can see Kata beach and Karon beach, so it didn’t take so long until we headed to swim in Kata beach.

Karon View Point

The Phuket motorbike day trip was ended beautifully with the painting alike sunset in Karon beach accompanied by a big bottle of Chang Thai beer.

Sunset and Beers, Karon beach

In conclusion, based on those activities, considering the delicacy of the foods, cheap beers and tranquillity of the island, we decided to put Phuket on the list <3


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