Travel Diary Lost in Venezia

I had been dreaming about visiting Paris since I was very young. I knew that if I kept on dreaming without put it into plan, dream would be just a dream. So when I got my first job that was not well paid, I quit and tried to find another job to support the life I want to have – life full of travelling.

In 2011, I moved to Jakarta and I decided that 2012 would be my year to bring my dream into reality. I went to the bookstore to find a reference about my trip then I was somehow attached to the guidebook for Italy. What an amazing country, I told to myself while reading the book. So that was not difficult for me making decision to put Italy on my list.

Travel Diary Lost in Venezia

Canal Grande

Venezia is the first city of Europe that I stepped my feet on and my first real italian pizza margherita. Actually I never had a chance to stay there. My visit was always a short stop just before Maribor where I have my super cool Slovenian friends and family who always welcome me with Spritzer and homemade liqueurs.

Based on my short stop experience, Venezia is indeed stunningly romantic city to stroll in. I really enjoyed the view in every corner of the city that I had explored. Summer is nice but it really invites too much tourist. I was stuck in a long queue for the water bus, even queue for walking to the main attraction. I was lost on my way to Piazza di San Marco and when I made it there, there were plenty of people that I couldn’t find a spot to just sit and rest. It was also unfortunate that I couldn’t get to enter Basilica di San Marco due to the renovation in 2014. Other than that, Venezia is expensive. Accommodation, transportation and food are costly, that was also one of the reasons why I didn’t spend some nights there. I already spent like 10 euro to go around by water bus and came back to Santa Lucia at the same day.

Travel Diary Lost in Venezia

Piazza di San Marco

However, I still keep my urge to really explore and stay more in this historic city, that includes hopping on the gondola.

Travel Diary Lost in Venezia

Gondola in Venezia

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