Let’s Start with a Story…

So let’s start with a story…

Born and live in Indonesia could be a bless or a little unfortunate for me. One of the thing that I can complain about holding Indonesian passport is that I don’t have that privilege to travel everywhere in the world without worrying about Visa. Apart of that, being Indonesian means I have overly 13,000 islands ready to be explored and many of them are still unoccupied or even anonymous.

I’m originally from Surabaya, the second biggest city of Indonesia. I lived there until 2010, so when I was 23 years old. I left my hometown for my job but anyway I still routinely visit Surabaya like once a month for a weekend.

Having an adventurous and spontaneous parents really affects my passion about travel. Almost every school holiday, we were going somewhere and most of the time by car. At that time, there was no GPS, so getting lost was not odd for us. I remember one day we were just planning to spend a couple of days in Mount Bromo yet ended up extending our trip up to Bali, which is more than 300 km away, just because we were in sudden mood to go to Bali. I could say that I’m proud of my childhood.

After getting a job, my travel habit began more and more intense for me. I traveled new places in Indonesia as well as outside Indonesia, starting from Thailand, Singapore, Malaysia. Then I challenged myself, for my 2012 resolution, to travel Europe. It is actually becoming a habit to visit Europe once a year. To add that, I did also a SOLO weekend escape to Perth (yes it was only 3 days just because I wanted to see Kangaroo), a broken heart trip to Penang (ouch!) and wandering for a week in Philippines.

As traveling is a habit for me, either only for a weekend escape on the beach or one full month of hopping from church to church in Europe, I would be happy to assist you to organize your trip and for the time being, I want to focus on your trip to INDONESIA.

Why INDONESIA? Here’s why!

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