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Travel Guide The Historical Krakatoa Volcano (Krakatau)

Ever heard about the deadliest volcanic eruption in the history? If so, you must have heard about Krakatoa, that locally we call Krakatau. According to the data, the volcanic eruption on 26 August 1883 had destroyed the caldera of Krakatau and then the day after it ruined 2/3 part of this volcano. The seismic activity […]

Travel Diary How Can You Mend a Broken Heart in Penang

It was in March 2015 when my heart was broken badly. It had been almost 3 months since I broke up but I still could feel the pain. Parties, besties and even the presence of another men, or I call it rebound relationship, couldn’t help me to fully recover yet. Well they helped but just […]

Travel Diary Lost in Venezia

I had been dreaming about visiting Paris since I was very young. I knew that if I kept on dreaming without put it into plan, dream would be just a dream. So when I got my first job that was not well paid, I quit and tried to find another job to support the life […]

Travel Guide Karimun Jawa (Caribbean van Java)

If the Capital region of Jakarta has thousands island on the north side, Central Java has Karimun Jawa archipelago, also known as Caribbean van Java, to spoil your desire of a gorgeous soft sandy beaches and fascinating underwater experience. Here we go Travel Guide Karimun Jawa. 1. Getting Here Back to some years ago, Karimun Jawa […]

Travel Guide 10 Things To Do In Jakarta

Jakarta, or I call it as the City of Sin, is like almost every Capital city where you can find everything (unless a decent cheese). And by everything, I mean everything, metaphorically from the extreme black to the extreme white. With more than 9 millions inhabitants, Jakarta is the central of economic in Indonesia. Money […]

Travel Diary Weekend Escape Philosophy

I am a full time worker. I describe my job as a challenging, specific, sometimes stressful yet rewarding job. In short, I am an Instrument Engineer in Oil and Gas domain. I work five days a week, eight hours a day, that makes forty hours a week of seriously designing floating production units, offshore platforms, […]

Travel Guide Gili Islands, Lombok (The Gili’s)

So last week I show you about one of my favorite weekend escape destination, Nusa Lembongan, today let me escort you to another weekend escape destination in Lombok. Here we go Travel Guide Gili Islands, Lombok (The Gili’s). The Gili’s consist of three petites islands in the north-west of Lombok called Gili Air, Gili Meno and […]

Travel Diary Brussels – Pleasure of Winter

“After our walking tour in Amsterdam, I didn’t expect that the walking tour in Brussels could be so much interesting, thanks to our guide, Magali (Maggy). I want to admit that she inspired me to write and share following paragraphs.” Brussels started to become the Capital for European Union (EU) in 1957 when the member […]


I really like Bali, I love it. This God’s island frequently becomes my weekend escape destination. For years, I was stuck to just stay in Kuta and Legian area. Yes, I did move around visiting many attractions far from those areas but I always had booked a hotel there.  My excuse is that I was […]

Travel Guide Special Region of JOGJAKARTA (YOGYAKARTA)

Special region of Jogjakarta is a very important area in Indonesia due to its long historical background. Shortly, the title of “special” is inherited since the independence of Indonesia in 17 August 1945. This title means an autonomy of the region, which is to maintain the sultanate that has been founded long before the independence. […]