Travel Guide: Half-Day in Malang

Travel Guide Malang. Some says that if a friendship last 7 years, it lasts forever, which means I am kind of stuck with these two weirdos, Yessi and Dian. Our friendship began when we were in Senior High School, it was in 2002. We’ve been through many phases in our friendship. You know, those phases […]

Travel Guide Kawah Ijen

Travel Guide A Weekend Escape in Kawah Ijen

The memory of the beautiful pink sunrise sky in Bromo captured at Seruni Point got me wondering about how almighty it could be the sunrise from another altitude. The next thing I know, I was hooked on Google looking for a reference of travel guide Kawah Ijen (Ijen Crater). One of my best friends, Yessi, […]

Travel Guide A Weekend Escape in Bromo (Mount Bromo)

Mount Bromo is the most famous active volcano in my home province, East Java. With the name adopted from the name of Hindu’s God, Brahma, Bromo is said to be a sacred mountain for the local tribe, Tengger, to hold the Kasada ceremony. Next to Mount Bromo, there are 3 other mountains (Mount Batok, Watangan […]